Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  1. Infinity GN, LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Therus Network") is a company dedicated to offering financial and business education and training services through the Therus Network digital platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform"). 
  2. Therus Network has affiliated and subsidiary companies, therefore the Terms and Conditions, policies, and procedures described here will apply to such affiliated and subsidiary companies. 
  3. Regardless of the type of user or independent representative who accepts these provisions, they will be referred to as the "Adherent" for the purposes of these T&C.
  4. To provide access to the Education Platform, Independent Representatives of Therus Network will be responsible for providing links to potential Subscribers in order to offer comprehensive explanations about the functioning of the Platform and the available services, and if necessary, they will also assist in the subscription process. The commissions obtained from the referrals will be governed according to the provisions of the current Therus Executive Reward currently active at that historical moment.
  5. That Adherents, whether or not Independent Representatives, may accept to be part of the "Therus Network Loyalty Plan," and their duties and benefits will be as indicated in this Agreement and in the current "Therus Network Loyalty Plan" currently at that historical moment.
  6. Each Associate may choose to become an Independent Representative, thus participating in the Therus Executive Reward program , through which they will generate commissions resulting from their volume and which is described with its processes and capabilities as a program with its own conditions. Consequently, this is accessible only while fully complying with the Code of Ethics in these Terms and Conditions. Non-compliance with the Company's Ethics is understood as an immediate waiver of the benefits of being an Independent Representative.
  7. The T&C establishes the terms and conditions of the existing commercial relationship between the Adherents and Therus Network
  8. That Therus Network is a company committed to the highest standards of ethics and good practices, so the T&C are adapted to the regulations of the competent authority according to the jurisdiction where the operation is carried out. Likewise, these Terms include compliance with the ethics regulations of the DSA without limitation to it. 
  9. The Adherent accepts and declares that he has sufficient legal capacity to bind himself, that the information he provides is true, and that by accepting these T&C, he does so freely, consciously, and without any coercions. The Adherent declares that he has been fully informed about the services and/or products of Therus Network. 


Section I. Code of Ethics

  1. Under no circumstances will Therus Network consent to or tolerate the use of deceptive or illegal practices for the recruitment of clients, business partners, independent representatives, consumers, or adherents. Actions contrary to dignity or that violate recognized human or personal rights will also not be tolerated. 
  2. No Adherent will employ deceptive, false, immoral, or illegal practices or tactics towards any potential or actual consumer, client, or independent representative of Therus Network . By agreeing to these T&C, the undersigned agrees not to make any statement, promise, or testimony that could mislead or deceive the consumer or third parties. 
  3. This section includes any manifestations or indications in forums of any kind, regardless of whether they are individual or mass in nature. Likewise, these provisions include all types of methods and forms of transmitting information. 
  4. Therus Network is authorized to sanction, cancel the subscription and consequent benefits, related benefits, or take legal action against those deceptive, unlawful, or immoral practices that occur during recruitment or at any other time to the detriment of customers or third parties, using as a guide the legal standards of the jurisdiction in which the operation is carried out and these T&C. 
  5. Offensive, discriminatory, or any behavior contrary to human dignity, to the detriment of Therus Network personnel, independent representatives, subscribers, Adherents, or third parties, will be considered violations of the conditions stipulated in these T&C, and may result in sanctions for the offenders. Likewise, behaviors that discredit, defame, slander, or negatively affect the reputation of other Representatives, Adherents, of Therus Network , or its associates, will be considered serious breaches of the company's ethics. It is also aggravating to consider if this is done through deceit or misinformation. 
  6. The sections under the Ethics Regulation cover not only statements made about Therus Network , as well as its products and services, but also any other company within the same economic interest group. 

In consideration of the foregoing, the Adherent agrees to: 

  1. Carry out its activities in relation to other members in compliance with these T&C and all relevant laws of the jurisdiction of Therus Network (including the State of Delaware of the United States of America), as well as the jurisdiction in which the Adherent operates. 
  2. The information provided by the Adherent must be accurate and complete. The Adherent will not make any statements to potential independent representatives that cannot be verified or make promises that cannot be fulfilled. The Adherent shall not present a sales opportunity to a potential independent representative or Adherent in a false, deceptive, or misleading manner. 
  3. The Adherent shall not induce third parties to purchase products or services based on the statement that the consumer can recover all or part of the purchase price by simply referring other consumers, since such reductions or recoveries violate applicable laws on sales referrals. 
  4. The Adherent, who is an independent representative, must respect the lack of commercial experience of potential clients. The Adherent will not abuse the trust of customers, nor will they try to exploit the age, illness, disability, or lack of understanding or knowledge of the language of a consumer. 
  5. Likewise, the Adherent who is an Independent Representative cannot prospect for their own organization to members of other Representatives' organizations, as this is considered an unfair and disloyal practice within the industry and will not be tolerated by Therus Network . Similarly, the Adherent who operates with another network marketing company cannot prospect for their new network to Therus Network Representatives, as this constitutes another form of unfair or disloyal prospecting practices. 
  6. The Adherent shall refrain from using the Therus Network platform and products and services for money laundering, financing of terrorism, bribery, and corruption in public or private sectors, regardless of the jurisdiction. Similarly, any adherent to these T&C shall refrain from using the Platform in a manner that conflicts with morality, ethics, good customs, and the legal system.

All practices that violate the ethics described here will be considered improper acts that will be sanctioned within the capabilities of Therus Network as indicated in these Terms, without excluding any legal actions that Therus may take. 

Section II. Legal Rights and obligations of Therus Network

  1. When the Adherent meets the requirements established in the Platform, they will have access to the Education modules of Therus Network . In the Platform, different Bitex packages will be available, which can be purchased by the Adherent, and these, in turn, will enable access to the Education modules previously purchased. For all purposes, Bitex will be the points assigned to each Adherent in the Platform, and the amount of Bitex that the Adherent can have will depend on the amount of money paid or the Bitex transferred to the Adherent for their participation in any of the current programs, so Therus Network undertakes to provide the corresponding access to the Education content, as long as the necessary amount of Bitex is available for such purposes. 
  2. Therus Network is committed to guaranteeing the right to use the Platform to all those Adherents who are up to date with their annual subscription and obligations. Given that technical capacities are finite, Therus Network is committed to constantly correcting and improving its digital means to support its users, as well as improving any possible shortcomings of the platforms used. 
  3. Therus Network will not have any responsibility in case of removal of courses or learning modules, and the content of the Platform may be updated at the sole discretion of Therus Network . Notwithstanding the foregoing , Therus Network will always maintain availability of learning modules for each type of Member, so that the Member will have guaranteed access to educational content according to their category or the amount of Bitex they have available. 
  4. The Platform may not be available due to updates or maintenance at certain periods of time.
  5. Therus Network will seek the highest excellence and proven quality in the services and products offered to the public, to contribute to the mission of its independent representatives.
  6. The Adherent (Subscriber) may choose to be enabled as an independent representative of Therus Network , to earn commissions for the sales they make of products and services available through the Platform. Once the Agreement is accepted and the payment corresponding to the amount established by the company to act as an independent representative is made, Therus Network will enable a specific functionality in the Platform that will allow them to fully measure and manage their commissions according to the Therus Executive Reward .
  7. Therus Network will fulfill the benefits outlined, established benefits or acknowledged compensations in the Therus Executive Reward as long as the Adherent (Subscriber) meets the conditions specified therein, provided that these programs remain enabled at the time the Adherent (Subscriber) begins their participation as an independent representative.
  8. Therus Network will address the complaints and disputes brought to its attention as expeditiously as possible and in accordance with the provisions outlined in the corresponding section of the Terms and Conditions, provided and have been submitted through the means established by the company.
  9. Therus Network will adhere to the conditions applicable to the Therus Loyalty Program , Therus Travel , and Therus Executive Reward , as appropriate to the compliance of the Adherent (Subscriber), in cases where these programs are already enabled.

Section III. Rights and Obligations of the Subscriber

  1. The acquisition of Bitex will be an essential requirement for the Adherent (Subscriber) access to the Education modules. The courses available to the Adherent (Subscriber) will be determined by the amount of Bitex they possess, assigning them to a specific rank.
  2. The Adherent (Subscriber) may request to unsubscribe at their discretion; however, Therus Network is not obligated to provide refunds for the value of Bitex. Therus Network may only refund amounts equal to the value of Bitex (each Bitex is equivalent to one US dollar (1.00 USD)), strictly when the minimum agreed-upon term at the time of purchase has been fulfilled.
  3. The Adherent (Subscriber) shall be responsible, in accordance with the usage specifications outlined in these Terms and Conditions, for the proper use of the Therus Network Success platform, acknowledged as the exclusive property of Therus Network .

Section IV. Loyalty Plan

  1. The Loyalty Plan constitutes a means of managing the company's products, whereby Therus Network anticipates that active customers will have access to greater value than what they originally purchased.
  2. En cuanto a su funcionamiento, el Plan de Lealtad implica que mientras el Adherente se mantenga activo en la plataforma, al día con el pago anual de la misma, y en cumplimiento completo de la ética de la compañía, Therus Network concederá más Bitex con relación a la cantidad original que estaban disponibles para el Adherente 
  3. Regarding its operation, the Loyalty Plan implies that as long as the Adherent (Subscriber) remains active on the platform, stays up to date with the annual payment, and fully complies with the company's ethics, Therus Network will grant additional Bitex in relation to the original amount available to the Adherent (Subscriber) according to the time the plan has remained active.
  4. The amounts of Bitex are determined based on the number of periods the Adherent (Subscriber) remains active under these conditions, increasing with each period as follows:
    • At 16 months

      At 24 months 

      At 30 months

      At 34 months 





  5. In this way, the growth of Bitex will occur according to the stipulations in the table, within a specified timeframe starting from the date of purchase.
  6. The Loyalty Plan will be optional and not mandatory for any Adherent (Subscriber) who does not wish to participate. It is also independent of all other company programs.
  7. The only prerequisites to participate in the Loyalty Plan will be in adherence to the Code of Ethics, the purchase of a Bitex package of any value, and the annual payment for the Platform to keep it active.
  8. In the event that the Adherent (Subscriber) falls behind on the Platform payment, the program will be suspended in the counting of their months until the Adherent(Subscriber) reactivates it through the Platform.
  9. The Loyalty Plan does not depend on an upgrade of Bitex packages but operates on each purchased package as an individual measure.
  10. The new Bitex generated by the Loyalty Plan will be available to be managed through the Platform. Thus, the Subscriber can choose to use them to access higher levels in Therus Network academies. The second management option would be to reassign them as new Bitex packages to other beneficiaries as a means of sharing the educational materials to which they provide access. The third option is, within a period of thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days after the end of the plan's period, to choose to continue to the next period and increase their benefit, with a limit up to the fourth period, where after thirty-four (34) months, there is no further growth. The fourth available management option is to request, within a period of thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days, the equivalent cashback for the equivalent of Bitex they are entitled to the program they have participated.
  11. It is possible, with a penalty at half the growth, and a request for a monthly cashback, the same is based on the growth calculated at sixteen months. The result of this operation would be understood as a cashback of three-point one twenty-five percent (3.125%) of the value of the Bitex package, and, a cashback at the sixteenth month equivalent to the original value of the Bitex.
  12. Therus Network freely decides to grant the participation conditions to Adherent (Subscriber) who choose this program, reserving the right to update and change them. It is at their own discretion that they offer cashbacks in this unique program.
  13. There will be no program outside of the Loyalty Plan that grants any type of cashbacks.
  14. Any waiver, whether implicit or explicit, of the Loyalty Plan entails the renunciation of the growth of Bitex generated by it and the right to request any type of cashbacks from Therus Network .

Section V. Rights and Obligations of the Adherent(Subscriber) opting to be an Independent Representative

  1. In addition to what is mentioned in Section III, and apart from staying current on the obligations outlined in Section III of these Terms and Conditions, the Adherent who pays their annual fee and subscribes to the education modules may qualify for the status of Independent Representative. This status will grant them access to the benefits outlined in the Therus Executive Reward when applicable.
  2. In the event that any consumer or adherent complains that the Independent Representative who offered to them the sale of Therus Network's products or services has behaved inappropriately during the presentation of the product or services, Therus Network will promptly investigate the complaint and shall have the right to take any appropriate and necessary measures of actions under the circumstances to rectify the errors that, according to the findings of its investigation, have been committed, including but not limited to, canceling the subscription of the Independent Representative on the Platform.
  3. The Independent Representative must act legally and with integrity; therefore, Therus Network is not liable or responsible for any promises, conduct, or offers made by the Independent Representative to third parties when such promises or offers do not correspond to the actual conditions offered by Therus Network . The benefits that the Independent Representative may obtain are only those stipulated in the Terms and Conditions and the Therus Executive Reward .
  4. At the commencement of their sales presentation, the Independent Representative must clearly and precisely indicate who they are, the products and services offered by Therus Network , and the purpose of their solicitation. All interactions with the consumer must be conducted respectfully and during reasonable hours. Any demonstration or sales presentation must be promptly concluded upon the consumer's request.

    As mentioned earlier, the Adherent must pay the annual fee and subscription amount set by Therus Network , which defines them within the Platform as an "active user" during the period specified by the company. In the event that the Adherent has not fulfilled the payment of this annual fee and subscription, they will not be eligible to receive commissions for failing to meet this payment, even if the company has established a grace period for this payment. This is because commissions can only be earned from the date of payment. Although the payment of the annual fee and subscription is voluntary, it is a mandatory requirement to qualify for the commissions offered by the Therus Executive Reward

  5. The Adherent accepts, for operational reasons, to not substract from any of the wallets available in the Platform, amounts superior to ten thousand United States Dollars per week (10.000,00 USD), without any regard for the kind of operation, be it a cashback, comission, reimbursement, or any financial movement of any kind done in their favour.

Section VI. Products, Services, and Promotional Materials.

  1. Any offer made by any Adherent, especially an Independent Representative, regarding Therus Network's products or services, must be accurate and truthful regarding price, grade, quality, brand, value, performance, quantity, model timeliness, and availability. Under no circumstances will Therus Network be held responsible if the Independent Representative offers services or benefits outside the stipulations in the Terms and Conditions or the Loyalty Plan .
  2. All claims regarding Therus Network's products or services must be supported by reliable and competent evidence and should not be deceptive. Consumer orders for products and services must be fulfilled promptly.
  3. The Adherent must avoid making deceptive comparisons with other companies. Any comparison should be based on facts that can be objectively verified and supported by evidence that is competent and reliable.

The Adherent who chooses to be an independent representative agrees to the following:

  1. To ensure that promotional literature, advertisements, and mailings by any means, under no circumstances, contain descriptions of products, services, claims, photos, or illustrations that are false, misleading, or deceptive. (Promotional literature must include the name and address, or phone number, of Therus Network ) .
  2. In turn, independent representatives must provide consumers with accurate information about the price, payment terms, cancellation period for purchases, including the return policy, warranty terms, and post-sale services. Independent Representatives will provide clear and accurate responses to consumer questions. To the extent that claims are made regarding products, Independent Representatives will only make claims about products authorized by Therus Network .

Independent Representatives will accept, for promotional use in events, marketing, and/or other commercial promotions by Therus Network , the use of their personal image, on the condition that these do not offend their personal dignity.

In the case of trips, events, promotions, or other similar awards, Therus Network will be responsible for providing the organization of the event and participation guidelines. Likewise, the Independent Representative participates in these at their own expense and risk, understanding that events and promotions are not of mandatory nature but an added value that Therus Network seeks to provide.

In any event that the Adherent participates, they will behave according to acceptable ethical standards, with respect and without affecting the dignity of other participants, in accordance with what is considered within public order and good customs in the jurisdiction of the event or promotion. In the event of non-compliance with these regulations, Therus Network will not be responsible for the Adherent's behavior, who must accept all civil or criminal liability, as the case may be, for their actions. Therus Network reserves the right to veto any of these events or promotions based on corporate decision-making regarding ethics or conscience. 

  1. Bitex is the initial product of Therus Network , representing, at a price of one US dollar (1.00 USD) per Bitex, the equivalent access to the corresponding financial education platforms based on the quantity of Bitex. These can be increased in quantity according to the fulfillment of established programs, such as the Loyalty Program . In compliance with this program, under its conditions, Bitex may be converted back to their monetary equivalent, reassigned, transferred, or used, once all the conditions for such actions are met. These are considered the quantification of a manageable education service; therefore, the termination of the commercial relationship between Therus Network and the client results in their cancellation. Bitex, under normal circumstances, are non-refundable.
  2. TravelPoints represent a management feature for travels, with an equivalence of one US dollar (1.00 USD) and growth regulated by its program. They constitute a right of use for the adherent, where each TravelPoint used after the completion of the corresponding Therus Travel program will likewise be equivalent to one US dollar in the management of their travels.

Section VII. Terms of Sale

  1. Therus Network will provide the Adherent with a written order or receipt at the time of purchase. The Adherent is responsible for the following:
  2. i. Thoroughly read the terms of these Terms and Conditions, including the total amount that the Adherent must pay for the quantity of Bitex desired, as well as other costs and expenses required by applicable laws.
  3. ii. Provide accurate personal information when requested for identification. The Adherent understands that Therus Network has user identification parameters in place to help prevent any form of criminal activity.
  4. Therus Network will provide a written and clearly stated Cooling-Off Period, allowing the consumer to cancel the sale within a maximum of three (3) business days from the date of purchase and receive a full refund of the purchase price, provided that the educational content of the Therus Network Platform has not been consumed. The company will have a maximum period of 30 business days to process the refund through the most convenient means available at that time.

Section VIII. Identification, Data Policy, and Privacy

  1. Adherents must take appropriate measures to safeguard the protection of any private data provided by a consumer, whether current or prospective, or any other independent representative, whether current or prospective. Adherents must also refrain from any misuse or unauthorized use of such information.
  2. When the Adherent enters their data into the platform, Therus Network collects personal information such as, for example, name, email address, date of birth, gender, academic information, etc. Therus Network also automatically gathers and generates information from other areas of use, such as service metadata, login data, device information, IP addresses, third-party data, and information obtained from cookies.
  3. Therus Network may also collect, use, and share aggregated data, for example, statistical or demographic information, for any purpose. Aggregated data may be derived from the given personal data but, in accordance with the legislation, are not considered personal data as they do not reveal identity either directly or indirectly. No special categories of personal data concerning (understood as information about race or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, T&C opinions, union membership, as well as health, genetic, and/or biometric data) will be collected or stored.
  4. Therus Network may contact the Adherent to participate in surveys. By participating in them, the Adherent agrees that they have read and accepted the conditions associated with the surveys. Some surveys will use information from the Adherent and their account on Therus Network . The results may be used for marketing purposes. Therus Network will not transfer the Adherent's personal data to third parties. 

All personal data will be securely stored during the survey and will be deleted after the publication of the results. 

  1. The personal data of the Adherent will only be stored on secure servers located in secure facilities within the European Economic Area ("EEA") and are protected by up-to-date firewall measures. If the Adherent wishes to unsubscribe, they must send an email to: [email protected].

Therus Network will process the request within the next five (5) business days. All data will be deleted from the database. 

Therus Network reserves the right to review such data and cross-reference it against compliance lists, through which it may deny customers, decline purchases, refund funds, and even report the questionable origin of funds to other entities for the purpose of preventing money laundering and financing of drug trafficking and terrorism, in accordance with the guidelines of the current regulations in the jurisdiction where it occurs. The Adherent gives permission to Therus Network to share their data with the authorities and competent entities for such reporting purposes. 

Section IX. Income Representation

  1. The following is to be considered a declaration of income, in accordance with these T&C 
  2. Any oral, visual or written statement which expressly transmits or implies: A specific level or array of actual or potential sales; brute income or benefits, which includes but is not limited to representations that implicitly or explicitly refer to purchases that relate to lifestyle, vehicles, vacations, and others related to earned income.
  3. Any statement, representation or hypothetical situation from which another Independent Representative, prospect, or Adherent would reasonably infer that he/she would be earning a minimal of income.
  4. Any graphic, grid or mathematical calculation proving possible income, actual or potential sales, benefits or earnings based on a combination of variables.
  5. Any marketing material and/or publicity that describes or offers potential income or lifestyle based on merchandise or materials.
  6. Any prize or announcement of compensation with a description of previous income; 
  7. In kind, the Adherent must abide by these rules:
    1. Presentations of income and sales numbers must be true, accurate, and presented in an according, non-dubious and clear manner.
    2. Independent Representatives are required to provide enough information for it to be understood that: (a) Real earnings may vary in a significant way and depend on the time committed, skills and other factors; (b) not everyone will achieve the level of income that is shown; (c) Such amounts could be such before taxation and spending.
    3. Independent Representatives must provide enough information for it to allow the client a reasonable evaluation of the opportunity for income.

If the comissions of an Independent Representative or bonuses are not specifically included in the presentation of income, any distribution done by virtue of these payments to others in the organization must be disclosed or it will be deduced from the payment figure used.

  1. Sales and presentations of income must be documented and validated. Representatives must have this documentation and validation, making it available to Therus Network, who might at any time submit a written request asking for this information. 
  2. Any lack of compliance or falsehood against this section of Terms and Conditions will immediately capacitate Therus Network to make a return, cashback, or to refuse services and/or report the client to the competent entities for prevention of money laundering, financiering of narcotics trafficking and terrorism, with which they will be refused a status as Adherent from that point onwards. 

Section X. Materials and Entertaintment.

  1. Therus Network will grant training for its Independent Representatives to operate in an ethical manner. The Adherent that offers prommotional materials, or training materials, provided by Therus Network must:
  2. Use only materials that keep the standards of the ones used by Therus Network
  3. Not make the purchase of said materials a requirement for other Adherents to partake in the selected program. 
  4. Provide said materials at a price in which similar materials are generally available in the market. 

Section XI. Intelectual Property.

  1. Therus Network is either the owner or the licensed user of every algorithm, line of code, and all other components of the Platform. Therus Network or its speakers are the sole owners of the intellectual property of the videos, education modules, conferences and any other exposition provided in the Platform. The Adherent does not hold any right to reproduce any piece of the Platform beyond its intended use, apply reverse engineering, introduce changes or coding, or in any way modify it, copy it, or give it any use different from the intended by these Terms and Conditions. The Adherent understands and accepts that they cannot use the image of the brand, name, or any other sign distinctive of Therus Network without due authorization, keeping its use to what was strictly authorized.
  2. The Adherents accept that when they generate educational content under the standards of Therus Network to be published on the Therus Success Platform, they grant Therus Network , the unlimited right of use over their voice and image, limited only by the content that was generated, as said content also goes on to be property of Therus Network under its program Therus Success

Section XII. Jurisdiction Arbitral Clause.

The terms and conditions and other legal documents related to the Adherents and Independent Representatives will be bound to the laws of the state of Delaware of the United States of America. 

  1. Any dispute or disagreement according to these Terms and Conditions, or any other legal document related to the Adherents or Representatives, will have to be settled through the mediation dictated by the laws of the State of Delaware of the United States of America, according to the process established in the Court of Chancery.
  2. By virtue of considering it the best standard for the industry, Therus Network will base its ethics and standards in those of the DSA, as rule, guide and ethical inspiration for the management of its network. 

Section XIII. Part’s declarations and liberation of responsibility.

  1. The Adherent and Representative accept and understand that subscribing to the services of Therus Network does not generate a direct employment relation, and particularly, the relation between Therus Network and the Representative is a strictly commercial one, by virtue of which the Representative will never be able to act in the name of Therus without due authorization. 
  2. The Adherent and Representative accept and understand that as any financial endeavor, or investment, holds a risk, and there are no infallible methods that can be taught for the administration of resources, they renounce any action or claim against Therus Network by the results or application of what is learned on the platform. 
  3. Therus Network will be defended, compensated, and will not be held liable by the Adherent or Representative, of any claim, complaint, declaration of responsibility, damages, sanctions, costs, and attorney’s fees in which Therus Network , its subsidiaries, directors, representatives, executives, employees and contractors incur as a consequence, of any action or omission by part of the Adherent or Representative, among which can be counted, falsehood, misconduct, negligence, deceitful practices and misinformation, and not compliance with the guarantees consecrated in these Terms, and all declarations unauthorized by Therus Network , by not complying with tributary, employment or consumer protection regulation, as well as employment claims by the employees the Adherent or Representative may have, as well as any other aggravating conduct, infraction of the law, or any other illegal or unsanctioned act. 

Section XIV. Updates and modifications.

  1. Therus Network can modify in any moment the present Terms and Conditions and other legal documents related to the Independent Representative or the Adherent, requiring only the due notification, be it on the Platform or through any notifiable electronic mail address. If the services of Therus Network continue to be used, after the update, or past five workdays from said update, the Adherent has not eliminated their account, it will be held as acceptance of the new terms. These changes include modifications of Therus Executive Reward , Therus Network Loyalty Program , and Therus Travel

Section XV. Notifications.

  1. To be given access to the Platform, an address must be provided that can be used by Therus Network to notify the user. In case such address ceases to be available, it will be the responsibility of the Adherent to provide a new email address and update their personal data when required, otherwise the previous data and address will still be considered viable and valid. 

Section XVI. Disciplinary procedures and conflicts management.

  1. Any complaint by inadequate behavior or lack of compliance of the clauses agreed by the Adherent or Representative of Therus Network , is to be handled by an Internal Committee that will conduct the investigation to determine the facts of each case.
  2. All complaints will have to be submitted in written form through the Platform to be counted and processed for a first answer within the first five workdays and handed to the Internal Committee of Therus Network
  3. In the case the Internal Committee determines that incorrect practices or behaviors have happened, said Committee will select a sanction considered reasonable to the case. The range of sanctions will depend on the programs in which said Adherent partakes at the time of the sanction. 

As for the participation in the Therus Network Loyalty Program , the Adherent, according to the decision of the Committee, could be sanctioned with the temporary suspension, which will set them back on the conditions of the program for one month, two or even three accordingly. Past these measures, if such is the decision, the next sanction could be the cancellation of the program and all its results up to date, without any allowance for cashbacks or returns. In equal matter, the Therus Travel program can be sanctioned proportionally on its TravelPoints. . 

As for the participation of the Adherent that becomes and Independent Representative, their sanctions, if such is the decision of the Committee could also be the delay of access to commissions, sanctions equivalent to a percentage of the current commissions that are due to the Representative, the partial discount or even the complete discount of the commissions for the period of one, two or three months, up to the cancellation of their participation in the Therus Executive Reward Program, which implies also the loss of all commissions.

  1. The sanction imposed by the Internal Committee can only be appealed to the Board of Directors of Therus Network and must be submitted within the next three days since being notified of the sanction by the Internal Committee. It must be mailed to the official email of Therus Network with a detailed explanation. The Board of Directors will have up to thirty workdays to emit a decision. 
  2. In virtue of the Code of Ethics covering a wide range of situations yet not being exhaustive, the Internal Committee may determine, when it is considered necessary, a noteworthy lack of ethics and proceed with the sanction considered correct amongst the previously described, or the cancellation of all the services to the Adherent, as well as their permanent veto from receiving further products from Therus Network from that point onwards.


If and Independent Representative sponsors another member for Therus Network , they must perform a function of assistance and training in good faith of the sponsored member, to make sure the offered products are promoted according to the standards of Therus Network described in these Terms and Conditions. Thus, Independent Representatives must keep continual contact and communication with their sponsored member.

Such contact and communications may include, without being limited to, informative brochures, written correspondence, personal meetings, phone calls or texts, voicemail, email and co-attendance to events and presentations of the products of Therus Network , formation sessions and other events. Additionally, a Representative is also responsible for motivating and teaching their sponsored the necessary knowledge of Therus Network products, effective sales techniques, the programs like Therus Executive Reward , and the compliance of these Terms and Conditions.

Representatives must supervise their sponsored, to ensure that they, in kind, in their own organizations don’t make the wrong affirmations about the products or business or participate in any of the misconducts mentioned in our ethics.

The noncompliance of this section for a period of up to thirty days, observed by Therus Network and proven by a representative, or accused by an affected sponsored Representative, is considered enough motive for Therus Network to remove the accused Representative as a sponsor of another Representative or a group of them (sponsored), capably placing another Representative in their stead, that allows for their due growth and development in compliance with this section. Such a change would exclude the noncompliant Representative of all commissions generated by said organization. 


As the Representatives advance and grow in the responsibilities of leadership, and acquire more experience in sales techniques , knowledge of the products, and comprehension of the business programs of Therus Network , for this, Therus Network will ask of them to share their newfound knowledge with the least experienced Representatives, according to their growth. 

The productions generated through this process with the aid of Therus Network are to become its intellectual property, including but not limited to the right to use of voice and image of the participants for the reproduction of said content.


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