Among those subscribed:

(i) INFINITY GN, LLC Delaware State File Number 6267458, (hereinafter, and for all purposes of this Agreement referred to as the "COMPANY"); and,

(ii)  (NAME), of legal age, (MARITAL STATUS), (PROFESSION), identified with citizenship card (COUNTRY) number (ID NUMBER) (hereinafter and for all purposes of this Agreement called the "INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE").

The COMPANY and the INDEPENDENT SELLER that, hereinafter, may be referred to, individually as the "Party" and jointly as the "Parties", mutually recognizing sufficient capacity to formalize and bind each other, and in particular, for the granting of this MULTILEVEL SALE AGREEMENT WITH THE INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVES (hereinafter, the "Agreement" "), agree to conclude this Agreement which shall be governed by the following clauses and stipulations.


  1. That the COMPANY is dedicated to offering financial and business education and training services through the Digital Platform of Infinity GN (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform").
  2. That the COMPANY has affiliates and subsidiaries, so the agreements described herein will apply to such affiliated companies and subsidiaries.
  3. This Document is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions.




The purpose of this Agreement is to regulate the relationship between the COMPANY and the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE, by virtue of which the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE is linked to the multilevel marketing network of the COMPANY in order to buy, consume and sell products and services of the COMPANY to end customers, generating a multilevel marketing network,  in exchange for the commissions and bonuses, derived from the purchase of the product from the COMPANY, established in the Infinity GN Reward Program.

By means of this Agreement, the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE joins the multilevel network of the COMPANY so that he can, under his full and absolute responsibility and technical, administrative, financial and managerial autonomy, have the possibility of carrying out marketing and promotion activities for the sale of products and services of THE COMPANY as well as the search and incorporation of people to the multilevel activity,  in order to access the commissions, bonuses and prizes offered by THE COMPANY from time to time. The parties agree that the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE is not obliged to carry out specific procedures to market the products and Services of the COMPANY or incorporate people into the network, but, if he wishes to do so, he will receive the bonuses or prizes offered by the COMPANY, as long as he accredits such sales, either for his management or that of his incorporations within the multilevel network and they are accepted by the COMPANY according to the established procedure.


This Agreement is strictly civil in nature and does not constitute the provision of services or any employment relationship between the Parties, which is corroborated by the wording of the characteristics of this Agreement and the conditions detailed in the powers and obligations of each of the parties to this Agreement. As a result of the absence of an employment relationship between the Parties, it is clearly established that the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE does not access any type of compensation or benefit for time of service, retirement pension, life insurance, vacations, compensation, health plan and in general any other social or labor benefit borne by the COMPANY. The Parties declare that there is no subordination, schedule or liability outside of those stipulated in this Agreement and in the Terms and Conditions.

The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE is responsible for his commercial acts, and under no circumstances should he promise benefits beyond those that the COMPANY has indicated. The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE is responsible for his relations with the Public Administration, his own taxes and taxes, and will be responsible for exercising his activity in accordance with the rules of ethics and good customs, as well as the Terms and Conditions of the COMPANY.

The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE, under no circumstances, holds to assume or represent before third parties in the capacity of employee or ambassador of the COMPANY and, in case he does so, the COMPANY may terminate this Agreement with just cause.

The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE declares that, as a seller of the services or products of the COMPANY, he is completely Independent for all purposes, including tax purposes, being solely responsible for the payment of all expenses necessary for the conduct of business related to this Agreement.


Under this Agreement, the obligations of the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE shall be:

  1. The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE will determine autonomously, but following the guidelines established by the COMPANY and those established by this Agreement, the way in which he will coordinate the people incorporated by his person in the business of the COMPANY. The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE will be obliged to decide if he will incur any expenses for the placement of the goods and services of the COMPANY, without that implying any responsibility of the COMPANY to reimburse said sums.
  2. The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE assumes in full all risks to himself inherent in his independent and specialized activity under this Agreement and will use his own equipment, tools and goods that he generally requires for the execution of this Agreement.
  3. The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE declares to know the legal regulations applicable to the activities that will develop under this Agreement, and expressly undertakes to its full observance and compliance.
  4. Provide such additional information and documents as the COMPANY may reasonably request with respect to any Contract or Sales Agreement.
  5. Comply with and ensure compliance with the provisions of the Business Guide published on the company's website, as well as the codes of ethics established by the COMPANY, by the WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations), by the DSA (Direct Selling Association) and ACOVEDI (Colombian Association of Direct Selling), as well as the current regulations on consumer protection.
    Documento de WFDSA:
    Documento de ACODEVI:
  6. Refrain from identifying, presenting or declaring yourself as an employee of the COMPANY, from using the name of the COMPANY, its image, that of its products or logos in telephone lists, web pages, advertisements, indoor and outdoor advertisements, promotions or any other publication without the prior written consent of the COMPANY.
  7. Refrain from reproducing, partially or totally, the literature of the COMPANY unless the COMPANY authorizes it in writing.
  8. Refrain from entering into contracts, agreements or commitments, verbal or written, with the buyers of the products or services of the COMPANY or with third parties, from which it can be inferred that THE COMPANY assumes some type of responsibility other than the supply of the products and services, unless prior written authorization of the COMPANY. In this act the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE understands and accepts that the COMPANY will not assume responsibility for the acts, promises, damages or losses that the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE may generate or perform.
  9. Sign the Agreement established by the COMPANY to formalize your relationship as an INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE, as well as the payment of your annuity, which you must renew annually to maintain your relationship, making the payment or through the direct debit of your account statement that you maintain with the COMPANY, of the application charge in the amounts previously established by the COMPANY. You must also update the documentation and information provided and registered, necessary for affiliation as an INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE when the COMPANY requires it, or when any competent authority considers it.
  10. The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE undertakes to use responsibly the code assigned by the COMPANY which is personal and non-transferable and will be responsible for all transactions that are processed through it.
  11. The INDEPENDENT SELLER will operate as an independent business when executing this Agreement, assuming all the tax burden levied on the income it receives from the intermediation in the sale of products or services of the COMPANY, such as income, VAT, withholding at source or any other tax applicable in the country where it carries out the activity.

The following shall be the rights of the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE:

  1. Formulate questions, inquiries and requests for clarification to the COMPANY and receive sufficient information regarding the products, goals, benefits of belonging to the multilevel network and compensation plans, and in general on any matter of this Agreement.
  2. Freely decide the amount of time you will devote to the development of this Agreement. In this sense, the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE understands that this Agreement does not require specific actions on the commercialization of the COMPANY's products or the incorporation of people into the network, but allows you to access greater benefits to the extent that you dedicate more time to the development of the same, provided that it materializes in greater sales of products and services of the COMPANY.
  3. Contract at your own expense and cost the assistance you may require for the execution of the object of this Agreement, in which case the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE will assume the expenses of the contracting system determined by the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE. You may also purchase, at your own expense, any items you may need for the performance of this Agreement.
  4. Contract, at your own expense, the use of any vehicle, equipment, as well as acquire, also at your own expense, any item you may need to execute this Agreement.
  5. Develop any sales technique provided that it respects the code of ethics and other requirements that have been published by the COMPANY.
  6. Be accurately informed by the COMPANY of the characteristics of the products and services, as well as the scope of the guarantees that the COMPANY offers.
  7. Receive timely and unequivocally the compensations, commissions and bonuses due to the sales and achievements associated with its independent activity, according to the Infinity GN Reward Program and subject to the conditions established in this Agreement for the origin of such payments.


Under this Agreement, the following shall be the obligations of the COMPANY:

  1. Have at the disposal of the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE, under the literature assignment program established by the COMPANY, the order forms, linking forms, advertising samples, catalogs, Business Guide, and in general any other material that the COMPANY determines necessary for the development of the object of this Agreement and the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Review as soon as possible and, where appropriate, accept or reject, any request for the sale of products submitted by the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE, taking into account that all orders are subject to the acceptance of the COMPANY and its complete discretion, in accordance with the established parameters.
  3. Recognize to the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE a commission or bonus for the products whose sale has been accepted by the COMPANY according to amounts determinable according to the price list and in accordance with the Infinity GN Reward Program.
  4. Provide THE INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE with access to periodic statements that incorporate the detail of the commissions and bonuses paid in their favor and in general all income and expenses that are generated under the Agreement.
  5. Make the discounts and withholdings corresponding to the taxes, fees or contributions that tax the commissions or any other concept that is paid or delivered to the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE, in accordance with this Agreement and with the applicable tax regulations.

The following will be the rights of the COMPANY:

  1. To be defended, indemnified and held harmless by the INDEPENDENT SELLER for all claims, complaints, declarations of responsibility, damages, losses, fines, penalties, costs, reasonable attorneys' fees and in general any expenses incurred by the COMPANY, its subsidiaries, directors, executives, employees, contractors and representatives, as a result of any action or omission by the INDEPENDENT SELLER,  among them, falsehood, misconduct, negligence, misleading information, breach of unauthorized statements and guarantees by the COMPANY, breach of labor, consumer protection and tax regulations that apply to it, claims of a labor nature related to the employees of the INDEPENDENT SELLER, or any other torted conduct, violation of any law, or any illegal or unauthorized act.
  2. The COMPANY may, directly or through its affiliates, subsidiaries or parent, reproduce, distribute and communicate to the public through physical, digital or electronic means including but not limited to photographs, newsletters, brochures, magazines, and electronic publications disclosed by the COMPANY in Colombia, United States, and in the other countries where in the future the COMPANY develops its commercial activity,  the name and image of THE INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE for the exclusive purpose of advertising his achievements, awards and recognitions as an INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE. The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE expressly and informedly authorizes THE COMPANY for the purposes of the above. In addition, it authorizes you to incorporate information about the commissions and bonuses that the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE receives for purposes exclusively linked to the execution of this Agreement, disclosure at the corporate internal level and the fulfillment of obligations of the COMPANY with third parties. In case of termination of this Agreement, THE COMPANY will maintain the powers and rights conferred herein for up to a term of ten (10) years, except in cases in writing the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE requests the cessation of use of his name, image and other information.


The COMPANY will market the products under the trade name and registered trademark called INFINITY GN whose image, symbol and letters are those displayed on the company's website


The COMPANY will market the products described on its website, at the address cited below:

The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE declares in this act that he knows the products and services described in the previous web address, and that he is also willing to market them.


The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE declares that he has read, understands and accepts:

  1. The entirety of this Agreement.
  2. The terms of the Ethics Manual.
  3. The full content of the procedural policies (Terms and Conditions), which form an integral part of this Agreement.
  4. The general and special conditions of the Infinity GN Reward Program to which you can access through the web address.

The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE expressly accepts the future modifications of this Agreement, as well as of the other documents cited in these clauses. These modifications will be, in any case, published on the website of the COMPANY.


8.1 Compensation Plan (INFINITY GN REWARD PROGRAM)

If the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE, either directly or through its sales network, has decided to take steps by which it achieves that a client or buyer joins the services or products of the COMPANY whose sale has been accepted by the COMPANY, on or before the date of termination of this Agreement,  the COMPANY will recognize to the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE the commissions and bonuses specified in INFINITY GN REWARD PROGRAM in force at the time of the order as the case may be and that is an integral part of this Agreement. The INFINITY GN REWARD PROGRAM specifies the conditions for promotion in the multilevel network, as well as the prizes and contests that the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE can access for their autonomous and independent efforts, without prejudice to the fact that the specific conditions of each contest or prize are determined in the corresponding announcements of the COMPANY.

The Parties expressly agree that the COMPANY may replace or revise the INFINITY GN REWARD PROGRAM from time to time. In the event that the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE does not accept the replacement or modification of the compensation plan, a document that in any case is part of this Agreement including its future versions, this Agreement will automatically terminate on the understanding that the termination was effected by the mutual agreement of the parties.

8.2 Payment requirements

Comply with the commission conditions described in INFINITY GN REWARD PROGRAM. The COMPANY will assign the money to the account of the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE and he can withdraw it at any time he wishes according to the policies established by the company, and create his profile in his BACKOFFICE at the address

8.3 Method of payment. The form of payment to the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE will be made as follows:

  1. When registering they will be asked to create an account in PayQuicker (global ewallet), where they must create a profile and attach identification documentation (citizenship card, proof of address, contact details, bank account).
  2. Each week the company will close the commission periods on Mondays at 11:59 p.m., standard time of the Republic of Costa Rica.
  3. During the week the calculation and audit of commissions is carried out and on Friday, the value corresponding to the commissions earned by the Affiliate according to the conditions of the compensation plan will be deposited in the account of the seller or independent representative.
  4. From this account the affiliate chooses the amount and the bank account to which he will deposit his commissions.
  5. The COMPANY will indicate to the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE if the bank, the account or the means of payment would be inadequate and if he must choose another means to receive his commissions.

8.4 Payment frequency

Weekly block: from Monday at 00:00 hrs to Sunday at 11:59 p.m., where you perform the actions that generate as a result the payment of commissions

Calculation Week: from Monday at 00:00 hrs to Sunday at 11:59 p.m. following the work week where it is audited, calculated, verified and reviewed that everything is in accordance with the conditions of the compensation plan and the policies and procedures

Payment week: Friday following the calculation week where the commissions are deposited in the account of the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE.


This Agreement has a term of one (1) year from the date of its subscription by THE INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE and the assignment of the code. The Agreement may be automatically extended, for equal periods, unless either party sends a written communication to the other indicating its intention to terminate the Agreement in the terms set forth in the tenth clause of this Agreement.


Either party may terminate this Agreement, at any time, by giving notice to the other party not less than thirty (30) days before the date on which the termination will become effective, without causing any obligation of compensation to be borne by the party that so proceeds. The notification of notice of termination must be sent through written communication addressed to the means of notifications of the COMPANY leaving a record of its receipt either by registered mail or personal delivery.

  1. If there is a breach by any of the parties of the obligations provided for in this Agreement or the recommendations included in the Business Guide, or in the codes of ethics of the DSA or ACOVEDI, which is not remedied within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of receipt of the written request of the other party,  it will be considered that there is a serious breach and, therefore, just cause for the fulfilling party to terminate the contractual relationship unilaterally and immediately, without there being any payment of any compensation.
  2. It constitutes just cause for the immediate termination of the Agreement by the COMPANY without prior notice, the occurrence of any of the following events:
    1. The performance or omission by the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE of any of the conducts described in the second and third clauses of this Agreement as the case may be or the violation of any of the obligations contained in said clauses.
    2. The publication of blogs, social networks (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, among others, of any negative, libelous or slanderous comments against the COMPANY or any of its partners or Administrators, against the trade name INFINITY GN against any of the activities, members or contracting natural or legal persons of the COMPANY or one of its subsidiaries or associates.
    3. For having verified that the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE has incurred in acts contrary to the law in the development of his activities of commercialization, offer and sale of the products of the COMPANY, and in general in the development of the activities derived from this Agreement.
    4. Make by any means or procedure statements regarding false, misleading or disproportionate benefits in relation to the business model of the COMPANY.
    5. For the submission of two or more complaints by customers or other independent sellers of the COMPANY in relation to the behavior, performance or treatment by the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE.
    6. The lack of respect for the members, consumers or workers of the COMPANY not attending to the requirements made by the COMPANY in relation to information or inappropriate conduct.
    7. For the assignment that the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE makes of this Agreement, without having the prior and express authorization of the COMPANY.
    8. Failure to comply with the content of the policies and procedures or the Terms and Conditions.
    9. Inability of the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE to allow him to carry out the obligations that correspond to him under this Agreement.
    10. Any other conduct of the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE that by his entity constitutes a minor or serious crime.
    11. The liquidation or death of the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE.

PARAGRAPH: The fact of not exercising the right to terminate the Agreement immediately for breach of the obligations of THE INDEPENDENT SELLER in the manner indicated in this clause, does not imply the waiver of the right to terminate it at any time later or the collection of the damages that have been caused to THE COMPANY by the breach of the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE.


The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE is prohibited from assigning, in whole or in part, his contractual position, under penalty of nullity of this Agreement.


The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE does not acquire through this Agreement any reservation or exclusivity of commercial action, which is why THE COMPANY may formalize with third parties, Agreements equal or similar to this and / or directly provide the services related to the object of this Agreement.


The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE may recruit new INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVES within the action plan stipulated by THE COMPANY. In any case, the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE will be responsible for training and supervising them in accordance with the ethical principles and policies of procedures and postulates of this Agreement, always maintaining a good and constructive relationship between all INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVES.


The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE undertakes that neither during the term of the Agreement nor after its termination, will perform actions or conduct constituting acts of unfair competition or restrictions of competition against the COMPANY and therefore, among others, will refrain from acts of diversion of clientele, unauthorized use of Confidential Information for purposes other than the Agreement,  as well as any other information constituting industrial secrets of the COMPANY, induction of contractual rupture to suppliers, customers or other independent sellers and to carry out any other conduct that could be contrary to healthy commercial practices or fair competition. Likewise, the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE must refrain from making agreements with sellers of other companies on product prices, market distributions, customers or any other conduct that is restrictive of competition.

The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE acknowledges and accepts that any misuse made by the Independent Representative of the Confidential Information during and even after the termination of the Agreement, will generate a serious prejudice against the interests of the COMPANY. Therefore, in the event of any improper use made by the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE of confidential information or in the event that it incurs acts of unfair competition against THE COMPANY or third parties, or acts restricting competition, the COMPANY may adopt the appropriate measures.


The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE will need prior written approval from the COMPANY to carry out any of the following activities:

  1. Advertise, anywhere and by any means, the products of the COMPANY
  2. Incorporate or adopt the trade names of the COMPANY or its products to exercise the distribution provided for in this Agreement.
  3. Make use of the brand, trade name, logo, symbol or other intellectual and advertising properties belonging to or managed by the COMPANY.
  4. It is not allowed to use or manufacture material for advertising the brand, with the official symbols of the company, without the due express and written authorization.
  5. The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE undertakes not to register by himself or through third parties any trademark that may compete directly or indirectly with the trademarks of THE COMPANY, or any trademark or patent that may compete directly or indirectly or is confusable with the trademarks and patents of THE COMPANY, under penalty of contractual resolution and compensation for damages.


The INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE will receive the commissions to which he is entitled in the payment terms indicated by the COMPANY, and after the verification of the tax documents sent and purchased from the latter. For the above purposes, all financial movements will be carried out through Financial Institutions and payment platforms expressly admitted by the COMPANY.


The Parties expressly agree that, in the invoices issued by the COMPANY to the INDEPENDENT SELLER, the prices of each product and service will be added to the tax that is applicable in each case and must be covered by the INDEPENDENT SELLER.


For the resolution of any dispute in relation to the terms of this Agreement, its validity, interpretation and compliance, the parties agree that the ordinary judges of the State of Delaware of the United States of America shall have jurisdiction, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.

For any notification of a legal nature that the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE intends to send to the COMPANY, you must send the respective notification to the email address: [email protected] or [email protected]


All communications and contractual notifications will be made effective at the electronic addresses indicated above, obliging those to communicate reciprocally any alteration to the aforementioned addresses, within fifteen (15) days to compute from the change of address, under penalty of being considered as validly made all communications addressed to the addresses indicated,  even if the parties do not receive them.


The COMPANY will have the following office address open to the public at 14 Wall Street, Regus, 20th Floor, Manhattan NY 10005, United States of America.


By signing this Agreement, the INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE declares for all legal purposes that:

  1. You understand that you are entering into a legally binding Agreement composed of this Agreement, the Terms and Conditions and their clauses, procedural policies, the INFINITY GN REWARD PROGRAM, and the Ethics Manual, as well as that I have read and understood and that you accept each of these documents.
  2. You declare that all the information you provided to the COMPANY is accurate and complete.
  3. You are of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to hire and to act as an INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE.
  4. THE INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE declares, under the gravity of the oath, that the resources available to him for the execution of the Agreement come from the ordinary course of business derived from his economic activity and that they are not the product of illicit activities.


The COMPANY recognizes the need and importance of an adequate, responsible and secure handling of the Personal Data of our customers, independent sellers, as well as our business partners. This information is an integral and tangible part of the fundamental rights enjoyed by all people, so the processing of Personal Data will be in accordance with those stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.


Upon the death of an Independent Representative, the rights and responsibilities of the Independent Representative may be transferred to the legally documented heir to the company, provided that that person has completed a new Independent Representative/Adherent application/agreement and has completed the required training.


BY VIRTUE OF ALL THE FOREGOING, the Parties acknowledge having read the Agreement in its entirety, declare their understanding and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions, constituting the complete and total agreement of each of the Parties. And, in proof of conformity, the Parties sign this Agreement in all its sheets, and in two parts, constituting these copies a single agreement, in (COUNTRY), the city of (CITY), the day (DAY) of the month (MONTH) of the year (YEAR).


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